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Head Teacher Concerns

We asked a consortium of school Head teachers - ‘Do you currently have any concerns regarding any aspect of your Health and Safety Arrangements at your school’?

All the schools in the consortium shared the same views – a resounding 100% have the same concerns regarding the management of Health and Safety within their school.


   Top Ten    Health & Safety Concerns
1   Compliance with Legislation
2   Accidents & Investigations
3   Availability of resources – human, material, money, budget
4   Physical Environment in own school
5   Access to professional support
6   Support from employer
7   Constraints on time to comply with the Health and  Safety at Work Etc Act 1974
8   Do not understand their responsibilities, their employers and employees
9   Not sure what an ‘Absolute duty’ is
10   Not sure what is ‘reasonably practicable’


The main reasons Head teachers seek our assistance:

  1. To provide the necessary “my school specific” Health and Safety documentation, risk assessments, policies and procedures
  2. Looking for the most cost effective method to achieve a full and concise Health and Safety management system specific to their own school
  3. Concerned regarding the potential of prosecution or compensation claims
  4. Where are we now? Can you tell me?
    • How compliant or non-compliant are we at this time?

    • What are the hazards & risks associated with my school?

    • How safe is our school for staff and pupils?

    • Where do we go from here?  

  5. Accessibility to assistance – value for money/ best value. Ease of access to specialist Health and Safety professionals
  6. Require support, hands-on help to do what is required (instead of just being told they need to do it!)
  7. To be up to date with changes in Health and Safety legislation and how it may affects their school
  8. Schools do not employ ‘competent’ persons not do they have the required resources skills or ‘know how’ to achieve what is required