Health & Safety Management & Support Solution for Schools

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How it works

Getting Started

You need to provide us with your school name, key staff, a copy of your school logo in electronic format, and a few other background details. We will send you a form to complete to collate the required information along with a ‘licenced user agreement’ and order form, both to sign and return.

We will then create your school specific documentation and deliver to you on electronically.

What do I do next?

On receipt, review the content of the Health and Safety Policy, the supporting policy documents, guidance and staff safety handbook to meet the schools health and safety requirements. Instructions provided. Make any additional amendements specific to your school. Compliance requires not only that the policy exists - but that it is put into practice.

The Health and Safety Policy should be signed by the highest level of authority in the school: preferably, the person who speaks for the school and / or takes responsibility for all general matters (eg head teacher or governor). Employees must be made aware of the Policy, understand how it affects them, and be clear about their obligations under it. Copies of the Policy should be accessible to all employees.

You should review and approve the Risk Assessments - sign and date them once you have made any changes you may identify as appropriate. The risk assessments should be brought to the attention of school staff.

You may have chosen to take advantage of our support services to provide you with an on site professional consultant, in which case appointments will be made and your solution will be delivered once the on site work is completed.


All documentation is organised into an electronic heirachal directory structure. Each folder within the structure contains both documents and sub folders containing further documents. This structure enables you to store or print your Health and Safety Policy, Policy documents and Guidance documents to assemble into one ring binder, your Risk Assessments into a second ring binder and your Staff Safety Handbook into whatever format you desire.

The Teachsafe Health and Safety Management System documentation can be stored, maintained and managed in electronic format. This makes it easy to keep up to date. There is no need to print unless you wish to do so.