Health & Safety Management & Support Solution for Schools

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St. John's C.E. School

On behalf of myself and the Governing Body of St Johns, I would like to express our sincere appreciation of the Health & Safety Manuals that you have produced for our school.

It is obvious from them that your work is of an exceptionally high standard and a tremendous amount of time has gone into producing these manuals. They will be of great use to school.

The governors were extremely impressed and wish you every success for the future in your work.

Gillibrand School

I would like to thank you for our Health and Safety Management System.

As Health and Safety Co-ordinator, I found the Risk Assessment Action Plan extremely useful. It enabled me to prioritize our school's Safety Action Plan, giving clear indicators as to the areas of high priority.

The steps we needed to take were plainly highlighted and gave me the confidence to address the health and safety issues in our school.

The solution you provided makes personalizing and updating the documentation a much simpler task.

I have given copies of the Safety Handbook to all staff members. This provides an excellent reference to both permanent and temporary staff.

Duke Street Primary School

May I, on behalf of the Governors at Duke Street Primary School, thank you for all your help with developing Health & Safety management at the school. As you know, we found ourselves, in common with a lot of busy primary schools, feeling that we needed to 'do something about health and safety management'. Off the peg solutions, which we had previously dabbled with, were not the answer. You on the other hand, were!

To be able to personalize our own solution using your considerable expertise, means we are developing a health and safety management system, which is uniquely relevant to our school. You have made us feel that we can, with your support, evolve as a safety conscious organization, without health and safety 'taking over our lives'. Your friendly yet professional approach has been very refreshing and it has been a pleasure working with you.

When we had a small fire at the school earlier this year, our fire risk assessment and management system, on which you had worked with us, was praised by the officer from the fire brigade, who followed up the incident.

We don't profess to have health and safety 'sorted'. We do however, feel we have the
confidence to move forwards, knowing you are available to support us when necessary.